daydreaming #Short Story 2

“Kez, what are you doing?”

“I’m daydreaming.”

“Can you please stop that?” Leo approached that girl who sit by looking at the outside. He sat in front of her.

“Kezi, you must wake up. Face the reality. You need to do that.”

Kezi did not even move her position. She kept staring out of the window. “Why I must do that? I hate the reality.”

Leo sighed. He already heard that sentence thousand times. “You know, I’m so sick of hear that answer.”

“So you just need to go away.” she said.

“No, I don’t want to.” Leo remained stubborn.

“Just go.”


Kezi rolled her eyes, then look at him sharply, “Leo.”


“You already know me for a long time, right?” she asked.

He nodded.

“I sure that you know everything that happen to me, and how i’ve been strugling to make it right, do you?” Her eyes suddenly got teary, “ So please, can you just leave me, and let me dreaming a beautiful scenario for my life? My life is so suck and terrible, so at least I want to feel happiness, even though it’s just a dream. Hallucination. Fiction.

“Can you do that?”

Leo was speechless. He didn’t say anything to her. Kezi didn’t even wait for the answer, and she just kept continue what she had been doing all the time. Daydreaming.




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Indah Maulida

Indah Maulida

I write poetry as I try to live better, and be fully me. | Support my writing here